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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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of galileo high school and just served candy bars and potato chips. that was the type of activity we wanted to discourage. on the other hand we had the taco truck that had been next to o'connell high school, but that food truck had been there way before the school had even been constructed. ~ so, we are pushing off a food truck that had been there historically a long time in the community and had a graced not to sell to the students at o'connell. ~ agreed so, i had really mixed feelings around the food truck legislation. that being said, i was hoping we would come to some sort of resolution as i mentioned in land use committee. i think it is complicated to set two different standards for high schools, 750 feet or a thousand feet. i actually don't have strong feelings about it because it's about half a block, but my preference would have been that we could have come to an agreement with the schools and make all high schools a thousand feet or all high schools 750. just knowing from small business owners that contact our office and asked them to help them interpret all the different multiaccomplice its
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of the planning code, i think that is that policy. ~ multiplicities but i do want to recognize the gentle hand that went into i think the discussions around this. and i actually, i think the school district should have been here as well to speak a little bit more about their position on this issue. but since they aren't here to kind of speak to some of the points that they cared about, i will be supporting this legislation for today. i think over the next year hopefully we can get a sense or evaluate some of the impacts of this because i know one of the concerns as supervisor mar said was that after the first food truck ban went into place, there was a large increase in participation in the school lunch program, and that's certainly a positive thing. and, so, if we find that in some of our schools there is a reduction due to this, i think that we should certainly look into examining this policy again. >> supervisor wiener. >> i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor kim for the
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very thoughtful comments, and i think we're all very protective of the school lunch program. and i really am thrilled with some of the strides that the school district has achieved. and in meeting with the food and fitness committee to discuss food truck issues, one of the things that i learned was that there are some schools that do not have enough capacity to actually serve lunch to all of their students, which is one of the reasons why some schools go to an open campus. so, in last year's budget i actually obtained a grant through dcyf as an add-back to the district to purchase for vending machines that sell the same lunches that kids can get when they wait in line. that's an increase in capacity. so, i think it is definitely a group effort to ensure that the school lunch program is good. and, supervisor kim, i definitely agree we need to stay in close contact with the district and make sure that things are going well with the
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school lunch program. one of the things that supervisor kim, i remember you mentioned to me as a critique of the 1500 foot rule, was that in a way it's very under inclusive because there are plenty of -- there's a lot of junk food that's available well within 1500 feet of schools such as happens to not be offered by a food truck. so, the law has always been a little bit of a blunt instrument. i also neglected to mention before just to thank my legislative aide andres power who putty nor must amount of work in this legislation as well as his predecessor julian gillette that shows how long this goes when she was my aide when we first started this process. it was great work. colleagues, thank you. >> thank you, colleagues. and with that, colleagues, our last vote being unanimous, can we take these three items same house same call? without objection, these ordinances are passed on the first reading. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you call
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items 24 and 25? >> item 24 is an ordinance dedicating city property within portions of state trust parcel 2 known as the mission bay park p 10 lying along mission bay circle and mission bay drive as open public right-of-way and naming the new park mission bay park p 10. item 25 is an ordinance accepting the irrevocable offer of public infrastructure improvements associated with the mission bay drive extension including the acquisition of facilities and dedicating improvements for public use in such areas and improvements for street and roadway purposes, establishing street grades and sidewalk widths, accepting the said facilities subject to specified limitations and adopting the required findings. >> same house same call? these ordinances are passed on the first read. [gavel] >> item 26. >> item 26 is a resolution considering that the issuance of a type 48 on-sale general public premises license for dv it sf at 23 42 through 2348 market street will serve the
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public convenience or necessity of the city. >> same house stamp call? this resolution is adopted. next item. [gavel] >> item 27, resolution considering that the transfer of type 20 off-sale beer and wine license from 56 21 geary boulevard to 50 52 polk street will serve the public convenience. a same house same call? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 28. >> item 28 is approving mayor's nomination of barbara seymour [speaker not understood] for a term ending july 21st, 2014. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. the rules committee i'm really please today recommend the nomination of barbara campanoli to the entertainment commission. barbara is well suited to serve as as an entertainment commissioner in the law enforcement seat. she brings with her ~ 30 years of experience in the area of
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law enforcement [speaker not understood], and dealt hands on with issuing permits to businesses in the entertainment industry back before they had the entertainment commission. and when the san francisco police department handled all the permitting applications ~. barbara is a delightful, smart person who cares about san francisco and has given back to san francisco through her volunteerism with various community organizations. through her nomination process to be an entertainment commissioner, i'm just now getting to know her and i look forward to working with her in this capacity. thank you. >> supervisor mar. >> yeah, i just wanted to add that inspector campanoli has been a lifelong born in the richmond district where she currently lives, richmond district officer who worked at the richmond station. she is an expert in permits as well. i think she's going to give a perspective of understanding of the district which i represent, but also with a city-wide
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perspective with tremendous experience. so, i'm strongly supportive of her appointment as well. >> thank you, colleagues. can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this motion is approved. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 29 is a motion confirming the mayor's reappointment of kimberly brandon to the port commission for a term ending may 1st, 2017. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. again, i want to take this opportunity to -- here's another special person, kimberly brandon, who has been on the port commission. and i'm really confident that ms. brandon will continue to represent san francisco well as a port commissioner. i what pretty impressed by her understanding of the fiduciary responsibility and oversight of the waterfront maritime and real estate issues impacting the san francisco's port. with an estimated $1 billion capital improvements expected on the waterfront, i'm
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impressed with her commitment to ensure that the port remains strong and that the port continues to create diverse opportunities for san franciscans to enjoy the waterfront and to create new shoreline open space while revitalizing the historical architectural resources and structures that have played a significant role with the san francisco vibrant maritime history. and this is amazing that she's been on the port commission for this length of time and still has the enthusiasm to really want to serve on this. so, i recommend her strongly. >> thank you. supervisor breed. >> thank you. i just want to echo supervisor yee's comments about commissioner brandon. she's absolutely amazing and has really over the years been able to help usher in the significant improvements in the port area. and i think it's important to make sure that we have a level
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of institutional knowledge on some of the commissions because oftentimes they changed when there's a new mayor. and in this particular case, commissioner brandon has definitely proven herself by being extremely actively engaged in the port's activities, actively engaged in the success of the port, but more importantly, actively engaged in her community and san francisco. so, i'm really honored that she is willing to continue her service to san francisco and i think we couldn't ask for a better port commissioner. thank you. >> thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this motion is approved. [gavel] >> colleagues, i'd like to take a moment to go to our 2:30 special commendations. i actually have one commendation. i don't know if anyone else has any others, let me know. but i would like at this moment to invite up to the podium the founding executive director of the asian women's shelter as well as the newly installed executive director of the asian
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women's shelter, becky misaki and elizabeth kern. (applause) >> come on up. so, to member of the public, i think you all know that our city and certainly our city leadership, i don't think there is a single person in san francisco that does not support all of the efforts within our city to fight domestic violence. but we know that there are certain individuals who every day of the week are on the forefront of fighting domestic violence to hopefully a point where some day san francisco will say we have eliminated domestic violence. and among the organizations doing this is one of my favorite organizations, an organization that very recently had its 25th anniversary and an organization that we recently voted to pass a resolution to celebrate, and that is the asian women's shelter. and let me just talk for a moment about why aws, the asian women's shelter, has been so
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amazing. the asian women's shelter was founded as the first shelter in northern california, and the third in the entire country to provide language accessible services to women and children, refugees and immigrants who don't speak english and who have suffered from domestic try lenz. in 1991, they launched its multi-electrickvual access program to offer non-english support to survivors of violence ~. and in the last few years their on-call support is offered in over 30 languages and dialects, which has dramatically increased the number of folks that they can serve in the greater bay area. when the federal violence against women act was debated, through the testimony of residents served by the asian women's shelter, the provisions that helped to protect battered immigrants were added. in addition to that, and this is particular relevant given that this is pride month, aws has ~ had one of the earliest commitments to expanding services to lesbian and
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transgender survivors of domestic violence and addressing homophobia starting with its lesbian services program which became the queer asian women's services in the late 1990s, and currently the queer asian women and transgender services that include all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. about 13 years ago aws launched a community building program to provide community education and grassroots mobilization to make sure that the broader community is aware of these challenges. a year later they launched a national pier to pier technical assistance program to work with antiviolence agencies around the country to really trade in the information and advice and counsel that they have been able to provide given the working experience they have and training and services in this area. in 2002-2003, aws created the first antitrafficking program in the bay area to provide advocacy and services to trafficking survivors. and then a few years ago asian women's shelter launched the
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multi-lingual digital storytelling project to help empower immigrant survivors to convey their stories via different forms of media to really protect the voices that we have in all of the various diverse languages and communities that we have. and, so, we could go on and on, but i really want to just take a moment and thank all of the men and women who have been part of the asian women's shelter and wanted to thank your board, i want to thank your i donors and all of your supporters. i want to welcome elizabeth curtain. many of us look forward to working with you. you stepped into some fairly significant shoes. everything i know about you, particularly given your recent work with the u.n., i look forward to that working relationship. but i want to just end by thanking the founding executive director of asian women's shelter. many of you may not know that becky masaki is a national voice on these issues. she is legendary in the exhausted. community ~. i can't believe you led aws for 21 years. we want to thank you for that
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and on behalf of the board of supervisors to you and your colleagues at asian women's shelter, congratulations. (applause) >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you so much, president chiu and supervisors. this is truly an honor. you know, just like i was one of the founders of asian women's shelter, but i could never do it alone, just like the abused women and children that we work with can't do it alone. that's a need the community and the family of asian women shelter. so i would like all of the asian women shelter staff, board, volunteers, and members to please stand up that are part of the audience here today. (applause) >> from [speaker not understood], she and i were the
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first staff people. so, she's still on the staff 25 years later, to some of the newest board members and members that have joined in recent months, that's the asian women's shelter family. and i really want to thank the city of san francisco for all of your support, not just for asian women's shelter, but for the whole network of domestic violence and violence against women services that this city and the diversity of this city depends on. so, thank you. and i'd like to welcome elizabeth. so glad that she can carry on the legacy of asian women's shelter and proud of that. >> thank you very much. i hardly feel that i'm justified in standing here with becky and with my colleagues. and i've stood before you on other occasions and this is certainly the most delightful reason to be speaking to the board of supervisors. i'm honored to join my colleagues who really have been at the forefront, as becky has
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said, and on behalf of the aws staff, we'd like to thank you individually and collectively for the support that you've given to aws and to ending domestic violence movement. thank you very much. >> thank you, elizabeth. (applause) >> before you leave -- before you leave, becky and elizabeth, we have a colleague that would like to say a few more words, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i just also wanted to put in my words of congratulations to asian women's shelter as well. becky probably did not remember when i actually don't want to embarrass you, but i wrote you when i was in college when i was at an asian american leadership conference and we asked you to do a workshop at stanford. i only bring that up because president chiu mentioned how long you had been doing this work and how well respected you are. and i've known your name for a very, very long time and really respect your leadership around these issues. and i also just want to recognize, you know, we do have one of your board members at
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our office, ivy lee and i want to commend her leadership and work as well. i appreciate the asian women's shelter. family sharing ivy with our office as well and we look forward to working with you and hope we can be a partner to you in your work. congratulations on finding a director. i know how incredibly difficult that is. so, you have a lot of work to do and we want to welcome you. >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisor kim. and supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i also want to congratulate becky masaki with her work over the years with the asian women's shelter and also want to welcome elizabeth curtain who i know as liz curtain to the executive director position. i have known liz for, i don't know, about 20 years or so, a good family friend, and has done amazing work around the world in the u.n. and already has done amazing work here at the asian women's shelter. it's great to have you at the helm and i look forward to our relationship, looking forward to it in a new way. >> congratulations. (applause)
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>> sorry, we had one more colleague who wanted to speak who i didn't see on the roster, supervisor yee. >> i couldn't resist, becky. i remember even before 25 years when i was involved with women services and of course we have families, mothers coming in with issues in regards to domestic violence and nowhere to send them prior to that. and when you started the organization, we were so happy and delighted that finally we had somewhere to turn. and i have to say this, that when you started it, i never said this to anybody, but i said, you know, it's great that they started it. i bet you they'll be there for two years and they'll be gone. and here you are 25 years later and still here. congratulations. >> thank you.
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>> madam clerk, why don't we go back to our board business, item 30. >> yes, item 30 is a motion confirming the mayor's re-appointment of larry del car low for a term ending february 26 to february 26, 2017. >> colleagues, the last vote being unanimous, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this motion is approved. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 31 is an ordinance amending the administrative code modifying board number 3, functions and making procedural revisions. ~ >> same house same call, colleagues? this ordinance is passed in the first read. [gavel] >> item 32. >> item 32 is an ordinance appointing supervisor malia cohen to the children first commission for an indefinite term. >> colleagues, can we have a motion to excuse supervisor cohen? motion by supervisor mar, second by supervisor campos without objection she shall be excused. [gavel]
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>> roll call vote on item 32. >> on item 32, supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? supervisor kim? kim aye. there are 10 ayes. >> motion is approved. [gavel] >> colleagues, we have two special orders at 3 o'clock, but before we do that, why don't we go straight to roll call. >> supervisor mar, you are first on row call for introduction. >> thank you. thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today in conjunction with my co-sponsors jane kim and malia cohen, i'm introducing a new version of the substitute version of our healthy food retailer ordinance legislation that we introduced several months ago. this is a stronger effort now that's been cleaned up and it
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has even more support not only from the supervisors from the tenderloin and the bayview, which have broad strong coalitions of community based groups that are supporting this, but also the arab american grocers association and others that are supportive. this incentive program will create and oversee a city-wide incentive and assistance program for convenience stores or our corner stores that wish to offer healthier food in the areas of the city that lack access to fresh food options. so, it's about transforming corner stores into healthier businesses for -- to create a healthier neighborhood all over the city, but especially in the lowest income areas like the tenderloin and the bayview. it will also provide incentives such as technical assistance and low interest loans to existing mom and pop convenience stores that will help them change their business plans to offer fresh produce and offer healthy food. just as importantly, it will work with community-based groups such as, again, the tenderloin corner store coalition and the bayview
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southeast food access group to work with both merchants and residents to promote community awareness of the importance of healthy eating. we'll be choosing other corner stores soon that will become part of this program in the next few weeks and we'll let you know about that. i look forward to discussing this at committee in july. also, very, very happy on the healthy food theme to announce this coming sunday at 9:00 a.m., we're kicking off the richmond district's first full farmers market and it's going to be wonderful. the clement street merchants association and many of the small businesses support this. from clement street to second avenue to fourth avenue. it's run by the marin agricultural institute, a wonderful group that runs the stone town farmers market. it will bring healthy food choices to the richmond district. also, we have smaller farmers market street like the veterans affairs medical center one in the outer richmond and even the
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kaiser one on geary and an older one at usf. but this is the full-fledged farmers market with 75 boots and incredible range of different types of food and other activities that will be programmed. there is even a climbing wall and children's and family activities. so, i challenge any of you to meet me up the climbing wall this coming sunday morning. it's going to also run from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and we're working closely with our -- the residents in the area and the small merchants to make sure it's successful. my office through my staffer peter has done a lot of work on this with a number of residents has worked closely with the clement street merchants and argon community gardens and again, the agricultural institute of marin and others that will help to organize and manage this event. so, this has been a long time coming. it's been several years of planning and we hope people will come out sunday morning 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and every sunday for the next several weeks, and please give
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us input as well. lastly, president chiu had asked us to give periodic reports about region a.m. bodies with we sit on. it's good supervisor cohen is a rep for an organization that is going to do incredible work. i also sit with her on the association of bay area governments or the abag board and we have an important meeting coming up on thursday, june 20th at 7:00 p.m. at the mdc offices in oakland. and it's really important because we're discussing the plan bay area, the regional shops, housing, transportation linkages and planning through 20 40, and i think a key issue for many ~ of the community-based groups, environmental and labor and other groups is how we manage the incredible number of people that will be moving to the bay area, especially san francisco. and we mitigate or hopefully address the potential displacement of lower income families and communities that
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may be caused by it this influx of new folks coming into the area and how we can plan wisely for new housing, hopefully with affordable housing connected to jobs and transportation as well. if you have questions please contact my office on the association of bay area governments and also the mtc's efforts to approve our plan bay area later this summer. the rest i'll submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i have two in memoriams for folks that passed away recently very tragically. the first is for julian rodriguez who passed away on thursday, may 30th. he was born in 1977 and only 36 years old, passed away in the san mateo medical center. julian was a very, very popular barista at bernie's at noe valley on 24th street.
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according to bernie, who owns the coffee shop, "he lit up a room, you knew that you were going to get the truth from him whether you liked it or not. his loss will be felt deeply in noe valley. so i submit an in memoriam on his behalf. also tragic, on june 3rd, jim cunningham, a resident of the castro, passed away on hartford street. he was found on the sidewalk. it's unclear if he simply fell or if there was an assault involved. he recently retired to pursue his personal interest such as attending the symphony, the opera, and he himself played two instruments. he had had a successful career in auditing sd banking and was very well known and well liked ~ in the castro community. it was a true tragedy. he survived by a loving family and he'll be greatly missed. thank you.
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>> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. submit. supervisor avalos. we will refever you. supervisor campos. ~ re-refer >> thank you, madam clerk. i just wanted to make just a brief set of remarks, but a very amazing lady, virginia ramos who is better known to the people of the city and county of san francisco as our beloved tamale lady. in the early 1990s, virginia realized that her job, her day job as a domestic worker cleaning houses in the city was not earning her enough money to put food on the table and send her kids to college, her seven kids. so, virginia learned to make tamales from her grandmother
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when she was growing up in mexico. so, to make a little bit more money, to make some extra money, she began to cook tamales in her kitchen after she got back from work. and, so, she started evenings selling tamales. she found an insulated cooler that she filled with her delicious tamales and traveled throughout the city going from bar to bar selling a hot, home cooked meal to so many folks who were hungry all over the city. one of the iconic personalities of the city has been known to -- that we have known to nurture as a city since the times of emperor norton, virginia has indeed become an icon here in san francisco and she has been on her own right
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become an institution. there have been documentaries that have actually been filmed about the tamale lady. there are bumper stickers and t-shirts declaring people's love for the tamale lady. and you can see those all over the city. and there is an even a compilation of songs that have been written about the tamale lady. for those who have interacted with her, they've referred to her as an angel, a saint, our lady of the tamale some call her, not just because she seems to miraculously appear when night life patrons need something to eat, but because she's known for her hugs, a shoulder to cry on, and her role as a surrogate grandmother to the people of the mission. in fact, if you have seen her, she has a t-shirt that she wears that says, i don't know you, but i love you.